DFCT48 48V Battery Capacity Tester

DFUN DFCT48 is an all-in-one 48V battery bank tester and monitor. It discharges and analyzes capacity and health of 1-2 battery strings up to 48 batteries. Built-in BMS measures voltage, current, temperature. 7 inch touch screen, Modbus, IEC61850 communication protocol.
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  • DFCT48



-Apply to 48V power systems, like substation, telecom site, railway ..transport

- Integrated battery bank capacity tester, battery monitoring

- Discharge the actual load by DC/DC voltage boost, without additional ..dummy load

- Build-in BMS : monitor battery voltage, charge and discharge current,  ..impedence, internal temperature, environment temperature & ..humidity, voltage & current

- Historical data storage for 3 years, support query and export

- Shallow charging and discharging to activate the battery regularly,  ..extended battery life

- Build-in touch screen HMI

- IEC61850, Modbus communication protocol


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