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DFUN Provides the best solution in UPS & Data Center which can cover almost all UPS applications. The solution is very flexible, customer can select different solutions for different project requirements. With built-in web page, customers can realize real-time monitoring the battery status in a price-competitive way. We also provide central BMS system for large multi-site applications.
DFUN provides targeted Battery Monitoring System for DC distribution applying in Power Plants, utilities and Substations. The solution can monitor both Ni-Cd and VLA/VRLA cell. What's more, it can easily integrate into existing system by using SNMP, Modbus and 4G to centralize monitoring.
Telecom Base Station Energy Monitoring Solution is designed for power monitor and energy consumption count in Telecom Base Station, Solving the cost-sharing problems, measuring and alarm for residual current and cable temperature, battery monitoring, etc.
Designed for the high protection application. With waterproof, fireproof, and anti-corrosion features. Real-time online monitoring 2/12V Lead-Acid batteries and 1.2V Ni-Cad batteries. Let the battery always stay in the best condition and helps customers reduce the battery's risk.
DFUN offers EV Charging Meters for monitoring DC/AC charging stations. This allows the user to be billed for only the actual energy being used. EV Charging meters feaures Class 0.5 high accuracy metering, multi-tariff, and daily & monthly electric energy freezing.
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