DFUN Battery Monitoring System is a device directly linked to the backup battery system. It records and transmits data pertaining to battery performance, such as voltage, charge and discharge currents, impedance, internal temperature, State of Charge (SOC), and State of Health (SOH). Moreover, it facilitates round-the-clock analysis and remote monitoring of battery parameters, delivering valuable data every second and generating reports. With configurable event-handling features, it can promptly notify users of alarm situations through SMS and E-mail, thereby maximizing battery lifespan. Additionally, its balancing function aids in preventing battery deterioration and unexpected power interruptions, enhancing the system's reliability and performance in emergency situations. Apart from this, we also provide products such as For Lead Acid Battery and UPS Monitoring System.

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DFUN Lead-Acid Battery Monitoring Solution is suitable for the base station industry, catering to applications characterized by a small number of batteries, widespread distribution, and numerous stations, such as telecommunication, radar base stations, photovoltaic substations, and applications involving 24VDC and 48VDC systems.

It is also applicable to large-scale data centers and large-scale factories backup power supply systems that support 2V, 6V, and 12V lead-acid battery monitoring.

In addition to this, we also provide For Ni-Cd Battery and other products.

DFUN Ni-Cd Battery Monitoring Solution, equipped with the powerful PBMS9000Pro master device, enables comprehensive monitoring of various battery parameters. The PBAT81 is a battery monitoring sensor with an IP65 protection rating, supporting the monitoring of 1.2V, 2V, and 12V Ni-Cd batteries. It boasts waterproof, fireproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosion capabilities, making it particularly suitable for applications in environments with high protection requirements, such as chemical plants, power plants, oil, and gas.In addition to this, we also provide Battery Remote Capacity Tester.

DFUN Flooded Lead-Acid Battery Monitoring Solution supports the supervision of 2V and 12V FLA batteries, making it particularly suitable for electric power systems, transportation, and the semiconductor industry. The system offers liquid level monitoring, alerting when the liquid level falls below the normal range. Additionally, in the event of battery leakage, it promptly sends messages and pinpoints the leakage site. In addition to this, we also provide For Lead Acid Battery system.

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