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PBMS2000 Battery Monitoring Solution

PBMS2000 Solution is specially designed as highly integrated smart sensor module for VRLA batteries, can quickly and accurately measure the VRLA’s charge and discharge current, environment temperature and other parameters,support monitoring two battery string independently.


- Dedicated design for telecommunication 24V or -48V system

- 24/7 hours on-line monitoring & remote alarm

- Cost competitive solution, support Max. 1 string, total 120pcs batteries, ..or Max. 2 strings, Max. 60pcs batteries each string

- Measure Lead-Acid battery

- Multi communication protocol (Modbus-RTU, MODBUS-TCP, SNMP)

- Comply with IEEE 1188-2005 

System Structure

Technical Specification

Battery   Type

Lead Acid Battery


Base Transceiver Station(BTS)

Testing   Software

Check the Health of Battery Status

Rated   Input Voltage

24VDC or 48VDC Range: 20V ~ 60VDC

Total   Strings

1~2 Strings

Up-link   Communication

1 RS485 port,Modbus-RTU protocol,Baudrate:   9600bps, 19200bps, 38400bps

Down-link   Communication

2   RJ11 ports, each port connect Max. 60pcs batteries, total Max. 120pcs   batteries

Cell   Voltage

2V   (1.6~2.6V)                        12V (7.5~15.6V)

Sleeping   Mode


Communication   Protocol

SNMP,  Modbus TCP


String   Sensor: 400g             Battery   Sensor: 120g


1200bps   ~ 115200bps

Sensor   LED Indicates

Green:   normal status          Red: abnormal Status


Local   display and operation (Optional), 7-inch touch-screen

Operation   Temperature

-15℃   ~ + 55℃

Operation   Humidity

10%   ~ 95% Non-condensing


EMC,   ROHS, CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001

Project Reference

battery bms (4)
Video Description

DFCS4100 System Demo


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