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DFUN Battery Management System Application in Telecommunication

   In the realm of telecommunication, maintaining a reliable power supply for base station communication equipment and communication rooms is crucial. The Battery Management System (BMS) serves as the core equipment for ensuring uninterrupted power and offers advanced technology, stability, reliability, and strong anti-interference capabilities. lets check our how our BMS play a role  in telecommunication industry, emphasizing real-time data monitoring, alarming, and the advantages of implementing a base station battery monitoring system.

   Main Role of Dfun Battery Monitoring System in Telecommunication: The Battery Monitoring System plays a vital role in the telecommunication industry by ensuring efficient and uninterrupted power supply. Its primary functions include:

  1. Real-time Data Monitoring and Alarming: The BMS enables real-time online management of batteries, providing accurate data on the performance of each battery. It continuously monitors crucial parameters such as voltage, internal resistance, and temperature. Whenever an abnormal parameter is detected, the system triggers automatic alarms, allowing prompt actions to be taken.

  2. Improved Battery Utilization Ratio and Operational Safety: Through online parameter identification and self-correction of charging, the BMS enhances the utilization ratio of batteries and ensures operational safety. It minimizes parameter deviations, with the state of charge (SOC) error of all working conditions being less than or equal to 5%.

    attery management solutions for telecommunications

       In the telecommunication industry, the Battery Management System (BMS) plays a vital role in ensuring uninterrupted power supply for base station communication equipment and communication rooms. With its real-time data monitoring, alarming capabilities, improved battery utilization ratio, and advanced power management features, the BMS guarantees reliable and efficient power backup. By implementing a base station battery monitoring system, telecommunication companies can enhance operational safety, optimize battery utilization, and ensure seamless communication services.

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Feature of PBMS2000 BMS Solution

- Dedicated design for telecommunication 24V or -48V system

- 24/7 hours on-line monitoring & remote alarm

- Cost competitive solution, support Max. 1 string, total 120pcs batteries, or Max. 2 strings, Max. 60pcs batteries for each string

- Multi-communication protocol (Modbus-RTU, MODBUS-TCP, SNMP)

- Comply with IEEE 1188-2005

Feature of Lithium-ion Battery Solution

- Mixed use of lithium and lead-acid batteries

- Parallel connection of new and old lithium batteries

- Max. 32 packs of batteries in parallel

- Support for consistent-voltage long-distance power supply

- Integrated with high-efficiency BDC, smart peak shaving, peak staggering, voltage boosting, and hybrid use

- High-reliability design: integrated BMS design, long service life

- High-density design: 100 Ah with 3 U size

- Maintenance-free, modular design and lightweight

- Bluetooth & APP, real-time monitoring of battery status

Feature of AC Multi-channel Energy Management

- Application—Telecoms site energy management, data center

- Small size — Can be installed at the closest point, integrate into existing space-constrained installations

- Ultra-compact design — Consists of control unit and current  sensors (with RJ12 port, split core)

- Wide measurement range - Max. support 60A

- Multi circuit — Support 45 single phase circuit or 15 three phase circuit AC measuring

- High accuracy — Voltage & current class 0.5s, kWh class 1.0

- Multi-network type — 1P/2W or 3P/4W

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