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DFUN Public Utilities Battery Monitoring System (BMS)

   Battery Monitoring Systems bring numerous advantages to public utilities by optimizing energy storage, stabilizing the grid, monitoring battery's status. Dfun's BMS contribute to cost savings, grid reliability, and sustainability, making BMS a valuable tool in Hospital, School and other public utility infrastructure.


Advantages Of Deploying Battery Monitoring System In Public Utilities

   By deploying Dfun's Battery Monitoring System, public utilities can optimize battery performance, extend their lifespan, improve resource utilization, enable proactive maintenance, enhance safety, and meet regulatory requirements. These advantages result in cost savings, improved reliability, and increased operational efficiency.

Feature of PBMS9000Pro BMS Solution

- Apply to DC power systems like substation, power plants, etc

- 24/7 online monitoring & remote alarm notifications

- Monitor Max. 6 strings and 420pcs batteries in total

- Measure Ni-Cad, Lead-Acid, and muti-pole battery

- Powered by communication bus, no consuming battery power

- Anti-interference design, support to connect with high-frequency UPS

- Anti-reverse protection, no damaging the cell sensor and battery

- Auto-sensing for the battery sensor's ID address

- Support Modbus, SNMP, MQTT and IEC61850 protocols

- Support monitoring battery leakage and liquid level (optional)

- Support extension sensor for measuring ambient temperature & humidity, leakage current, insulation resistance (optional)

- Comply with IEEE 1188-2005


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