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DFUN Battery Monitoring System is a device directly linked to the backup battery system. It records and transmits data pertaining to battery performance, such as voltage, charge and discharge currents, impedance, internal temperature, State of Charge (SOC), and State of Health (SOH). Moreover, it facilitates round-the-clock analysis and remote monitoring of battery parameters, delivering valuable data every second and generating reports. With configurable event-handling features, it can promptly notify users of alarm situations through SMS and E-mail, thereby maximizing battery lifespan. Additionally, its balancing function aids in preventing battery deterioration and unexpected power interruptions, enhancing the system's reliability and performance in emergency situations. Apart from this, we also provide products such as For Lead Acid Battery and UPS Monitoring System.

DFPE1000 is a battery and environmental monitoring solution specifically designed for small-scale data centers, power distribution rooms, and battery rooms. It features temperature and humidity monitoring, dry contact monitoring (such as smoke detection, water leakage, infrared, etc.), UPS or EPS monitoring, battery monitoring, and alarm linkage functions. The system facilitates automated and intelligent management, achieving unmanned and efficient operation.

The sole method to ascertain the battery's capacity is through capacity testing under specific test conditions. While routine metrics such as temperature, voltage, charge/discharge currents, and internal resistance provide a good indication of a battery's overall health, they cannot be quantified into a capacity percentage or degradation level.It is recommended to periodically perform capacity testing using a remote online device to ensure maximum reliability of the backup battery systems. This category includes 48V Battery Remote Capacity Testers.

DFUN Lithium-ion Battery products are designed with an emphasis on efficiency, durability, and user experience. Advanced battery technology incorporates high-quality materials and the latest manufacturing processes, enabling lithium-ion batteries to withstand thousands of charge and discharge cycles without significant performance degradation, thus ensuring outstanding performance and a prolonged lifespan. Additionally, the high energy density of these lithium-ion batteries allows for more energy storage in a smaller volume and weight. This category includes 12V Lithium-ion Battery and 48V Smart Lithium-ion Battery.


DFUN Energy Meter products integrate the measurement of various electrical parameters, offering comprehensive energy monitoring and management capabilities.

The products support mainstream communication protocols and interfaces, facilitating integration with existing systems, while also providing a user-friendly interface.

Adhering to strict electrical metering technical standards, these Energy Meters ensure long-term stability and reliable performance, reducing maintenance requirements.

Such products include AC Energy Meter, DC Energy Meter, and Multi-channel Meter.

Cloud System DFCS4100 is a centralized SCADA system for backup power monitoring, serving as the human-machine interface through which operational personnel monitor and control all UPS systems, environmental conditions, and batteries. It possesses capabilities for real-time data collection, historical data query, report generation, and immediate alarm notifications. Additionally, it offers standard interfaces for data communication with other systems, significantly reducing the supervision costs associated with the relevant equipment. Including Battery Monitoring System and UPS Monitoring System.

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