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DFPM201 Multi-channel DC Energy Meter

DFPM201 is a set of metering and monitoring solution for the terminal of DC distribution system. It is composed of a main controller and measuring modules. Main controller and measurement modules are connected through DFbus developed by DFUN.

smart kwh meter - 副本

Real-time measurement

Voltage, current, power, energy (input / output / total)

smart energy meter single phase - 副本


Voltage limit alarm (high / low limit), current limit alarm (high limit), communication failure alarm

smart energy monitor - 副本


Modbus-RTU protocol, RS485 port


- 48VDC application—Telecom site billing system, DC load management

- Small size — Can be install at the closest point, integrate in existing space

- Easy installation — Consist of main module and measure module, connected by PLbus daisy ..chain bus topology and RJ12 port, measure module straight insert into the circuit breaker

- High accuracy — Voltage & current class 0.5s, kWh class 1.0

- Wide measurement range — Max. support 63A direct connection, no need for extra hall sensor or shunt

- Multi circuit — Support 12 single phase circuit

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