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DFPM211 Multi-channel AC Energy Meter

DFPM211 is suitable for distribution cabinets and switches in low-voltage power distribution systems below AC 220V. It supports 1P/2W and 3P/4W systems, one measurement unit supports up to 45 measurement modules, which can measure 45 single-phase circuits or 15 three-phase circuits.

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Real-time measurement

Voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency

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Energy consumption

Active energy, reactive energy

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RS485 port, MODBUS-RTU protocol


- Application—Telecoms site energy management, data center

- Small size — Can be installed at the closest point, integrate into existing space-constrained installations

- Ultra-compact design — Consists of control unit and current  sensors (with RJ12 port, split core)

- Wide measurement range - Max. support 60A

- Multi circuit — Support 45 single phase circuit or 15 three phase circuit AC measuring

- High accuracy — Voltage & current class 0.5s, kWh class 1.0

- Multi-network type — 1P/2W or 3P/4W

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