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DFPM902 DC Energy Meter

AdoptS microelectronics technology and special-purpose large-scale integrated circuit, and apply digital sampling processing and SMT technology. With single channel or dual-channel DC measurement, LCD display and RS485 communication.


Class 0.5 High Accuracy Metering  

Multi-tariff Metering

Daily & Monthly Electric Energy Freezing

Rich Communication Protocols

4P Dimension Lightweight & compact design


-Applied to DC power supply, EV charging station

-Measure bidirectional electric energy, Class 0.5 high accuracy

-Real-time measure current, voltage, power, etc. 

-Multi-tariff Metering (sharp, peak, flat, valley)

-35mm DIN Rail installation

-Daily & Monthly electric energy freezing (the latest 31 days & 12 months)

-Multi communication protocols (Modbus-RTU, DL/T 645-2007, DL/T 698.45-201X)

-Lead sealing to prevent electricity-stealing

-DFPM902 has 2 RS485 ports, DFPM902-A has 1 RS485 port

Technical Specification

Rated   voltage


Rated current

100A/75mV, 200A/75m, V300A/75mV, 400A/75mV, 500A/75mV

Auxiliary power supply

18~58VDC or 80~264VAC

Power consumption

Voltage measuring circuit: <0.5VA                      

Current measuring circuit: < 0.1VA                        

Auxiliary power supply:

AC: apparent power <5VA, active   power <2W

DC: power <2VA


Class 0.5

Pulse output

50imp/kWh, 100imp/kWh,   200imp/kWh  (settable)


LCD   display, HTN material

Working condition

Working temperature: -25℃~ 55℃

Storage temperature: -40℃~ 70℃

Humidity: 5%~95%, no condensation

Insulation property

Power frequency AC voltage: 4.4kV, impluse voltage: 6kV

Electrostatic discharge immunit test

IEC61000-4-2, Level 4

RF   electromagnetic field immunity test

IEC61000-4-3, Level 3

Electrical fast   transient immunity test

IEC61000-4-4, Level 4

Surge immunity test

IEC61000-4-5, Level 4

Conducted emission

EN55022, Class B

Radiated emission

EN55022, Class B

DFPM902-A (Single-channel) DFPM902 (Dual-channel)
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