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DFPM902 DC Energy Meter

Adopts microelectronics technology and special-purpose large-scale integrated circuit, and apply digital sampling processing and SMT technology. With single channel or dual-channel DC measurement, LCD display and RS485 communication.
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- Real-time measurement: V, I, P, IMP & EXP kWh

- 2 channel DC Measurement, Shunt current free setting

- Voltage Input: 0-1000V; Current input: 75mV by shunt (Max. 800A)

- Support 4 tariff, 14 time periods

- Historical record for latest 31 days & 12 months kWh

- 2 pulse output, 1 pulse for energy, 1 pulse per second (PPS)

- Alarm for Over - Voltage & Over - Current

- Standard Modbus-RTU, DL/T 645-2007 and DL/T 698.45-201X (Optional)

- Class 0.5 accuracy for kWh, Max. 3 decimal point for display ( 0.001 kWh)

- 35mm DIN Rail Installation


 Technical Specification

Rated Voltage

DC 0~1000V

Starting Current

0.002 Ib


75mV, Accuracy: Class 0.2

Dimenslon (L*w*H)

100*72*65mm (4 module)

Impulse Voltage


Power Frequency Withstand Voltage



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