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PBAT61 Battery Monitoring Cell Sensor

PBAT61, an innovative product for battery monitoring system. Designed to support 2V, 6V, and 12V lead-acid batteries, PBAT61 offers comprehensive online monitoring capabilities. It enables real-time tracking of each battery cell's voltage, internal resistance, and negative terminal temperature.
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System Structure



- PBAT61-02 for 2V battery, PBAT61-06 for 6V battery, PBAT61-12 for 12V battery

- Monitor individual battery voltage, internal temperature (negative pole), .Impedance(ohmic value) 

- Auto-balancing

-Measure lead-acid battery

Techinical Specification

Item Rated Input Voltage Measuring Rnage
Voltage Internal Temperature Impedance Power Consumption
PBAT61-02 02V 1.6~2.6V (±0.2%) -20~85℃(±0.5% Range:0.1mΩ~50mΩ
Repeatability error:1.0%±25μΩ
Conformity error: 1.5%±25μΩ
Running: <70mW
Sleeping: <8mW
PBAT61-06 06V 4.8~10V (±0.2%)
PBAT61-12 12V 7.5~15.6V(±0.2%)


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