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PBAT71 Battery Monitoring Cell Sensor

The PBAT71 Battery Monitoring Cell Sensor offers an advanced way to keep a close eye on your battery systems. Whether you're managing 2V lead-acid batteries or 1.2V nickel-copper batteries, PBAT71 has got you covered. With its specialized models - PBAT71-02 for 2V and 1.2V batteries and PBAT71-12 for 12V batteries - this sensor is designed to cater to a wide range of needs.
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System Structure



- PBAT71-02 for 2V Lead-Acid battery or 1.2V Ni-Cd battery 

-PBAT71-12 for 12V Lead-Acid battery 

- Monitor individual battery voltage, internal temperature (negative pole),   impedance(ohmic value) 

- Calculate individual battery state of charge (SOC), state of health (SOH) 

- Support battery leakage and liquid level monitoring (optional)  

- Powered by communication bus, no consuming battery power 

- Auto-balancing

Technical Specification

Item Power Supply Rated input
                      Measuring Range
Voltage Internal Temperature Impedance
PBAT71-02 24VDC
Power Consumption:
02V/1.2V 0.5~3VDC -20℃~85℃
Repeatability error:1.0%±25μΩ
Conformity error: 1.5%±25μΩ
PBAT71-12 12V 5~18VDC


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