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DFCS4100 Battery Monitoring System

It is a user interface that has been purposely designed to monitor status and control settings for all battery string and server room environment. This system has implemented with multiple functions such as real-time data collection, historical data checking, report generating, real-time alert etc.

System Feature

- 24/7/365 real-time monitoring ≤50,000pcs batteries

- B/S structure with simple UI set-up

- Realize all data display at one location, suitable for projects by large number of batteries or batteries locate in different site

- Sent out timely alarm notifications for abnormal battery via SMS & Email alerts (support multiple contacts)

- Setpoint multi-level alarm

- Graphical and visual display of battery trends and faults

- Provides centralized data storage, data access and data management, export .csv format reports for data analysis

- Monitor ambient temperature & humidity

- Support to connect with 3rd party system (EMS, EPC, SCADA, DCIM...)

System Structure

System Interface


Real-time Data

Historical Data

Real-time Alarm

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