• 2023-01-19

    3 Things of Battery Monitoring Systems in the Telecommunication Field

    As we all know, there may have hundreds or thousands of BTS towers in one city, which are running several communication devices, supporting efficient and stable communication for the whole city. These Telecom BTS Towers are separated into different areas. Some of them are built on the top of the mou

  • 2023-01-19

    Everything You Should Know About the Smart BMS

    With the pursuit of safety in production, the smart BMS (Battery Monitoring System) has become commonplace in various industries. The smart BMS offers many features that help protect the battery via round-the-clock, 365 days of real-time remote monitoring, and reporting of the battery’s health statu

  • 2023-02-02

    The Best Battery Monitors for Data Center

    The data center is a critical component of any business in today's data-driven world. There has been a significant increase in data storage and management needs during the past decade, leading to an increase in data centers' scope, scale, and complexity. Under this situation, remote monitoring solut

  • 2023-02-02

    Top Application of Smart Battery Monitoring System in Substation

    A battery monitoring system is crucial for any industry that relies on batteries for backup power, such as substations. As the power supply for DC equipment of the substation, batteries are directly related to the normal operation of the substation and the safety of the power supply. However, in pra

  • 2023-02-02

    Why Battery Monitoring System

    Why Battery Monitoring System?DFUN's Battery Monitoring Helps you Extend Battery Life, Maintain Uptime and Maximize Return on Investment.Save money & avoid business losses7*24h monitoring to analyze and predict battery accidents that may happen.Accurate data report and real-time alarm(Via LED indica

  • 2023-02-02

    Wired Vs Wireless Battery Monitoring System Which One Is Better

    Main Keyword:battery monitoring systemOther Keywords:battery monitoring, smart BMS Wired Vs. Wireless Battery Monitoring System: Which One Is Better?The remote battery monitoring is critical to your operations. Without a reliable monitoring solution, you cannot know immediately when battery faults a

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