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Everything You Should Know About the Smart BMS

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With the pursuit of safety in production, the smart BMS (Battery Monitoring System) has become commonplace in various industries. The smart BMS offers many features that help protect the battery via round-the-clock, 365 days of real-time remote monitoring, and reporting of the battery’s health status. The system uses cutting-edge data analysis technology to achieve real-time battery monitoring, allowing users to know the battery condition anytime, from anywhere.

In case you are unfamiliar with the smart BMS, this article will guide you to figure out what exactly it is, its necessity, benefits, and applications. Finally, the best smart BMS will be recommended to you. So let's keep on reading.

What Is A Smart BMS?

A smart BMS is normally referred to as a system that prolongs battery life by monitoring and reporting battery health and status at all times around the year. For example, it can measure battery cell voltage, internal temperature, impedance, string voltage, current, calculate SOC, SOH, etc.

You can think of a smart BMS system that will show you the health of a rechargeable battery. A battery monitoring system typically comes with its built-in web server, which allows users to access the battery information through three different ways, i.e., login in via LAN, remote login via WAN, or even a hybrid of both methods.

Why Is A Smart BMS Necessary?

Batteries are widely used in various areas or conditions, like data centers, substations, telecommunication towers, commercial building UPS rooms, hospitals, banks, etc. One data from the analysis shows that 80% of the UPS failure is due to undetected battery problems. So monitoring batteries is significant in all of these applications.

As time goes by, people are conscious of the importance of battery health and try to monitor batteries more effectively. Traditionally, engineers needed to manually test the batteries one by one and write down the batteries’ data for analysis. Unfortunately, it wasted time and easily caused incorrect data inevitably. What's more, for some remote sites, maintainers need to visit the site regularly; even so, it is possible to be a delay in the battery maintenance because it could not be discovered in time.

Even though there have many solutions to detect the battery status now, one of the simplest and most efficient is adding a battery monitoring system.

To mention that, the smart BMS from DFUN, an expert in providing comprehensive solutions for BMS, obtains a cutting-edge technology that allows the system itself to match between cell sensors and batteries. Due to this advanced innovation, engineers don’t need to check and write the ID one by one. Instead, it greatly improves the accuracy and efficiency of battery monitoring.

What Are The Benefits of A Smart BMS?

As the battery monitoring system has skyrocketed its demands in people's daily life in modern times, it is quite easy for you to find tremendous benefits that the smart BMS provide. The followings are the distinctive goodness the system offer:

A smart BMS offers benefits such as online monitoring for battery status regarding voltage, current, impedance, internal temperature, etc. 24/7 monitoring allows for timely response in case of potential battery accidents while reducing human maintenance costs.

Furthermore, real-time alarming and online balancing enables the system to analyze uploaded data and auto-judge. For example, you can custom set the alarm threshold, and if the uploaded information is abnormal, the system sends out an alarm to maintenance via its server.

A smart BMS can be called a BMS data center due to all the historical data collection, storage, and analysis. At the same time, you can get real-time battery information via a certain system.

Additionally, it is straightforward to set up and operate due to the friendly user interface design of the smart BMS.

What Are The Applications of A Smart BMS?

Due to its numerous benefits, the smart BMS is applied as an assistant in various industries. To summarize, there are mainly six application areas with a wide array of use at various levels. These include:

Data centers

Power utility like substations

Transportation such as railway transport

Base transceiver station sites

Energy storage stations

Financial institutions like banks.

Most of the battery monitoring suppliers normally provide common solutions for these industries. Therefore, DFUN provides a targeted solution for different industries that meet the needs of professional customers.

Where to Find the Best BMS Solution Provider?

If you are in the market to search for a capable smart BMS solution provider, you will surprisingly find many choices. It is tricky for you to choose the best one among various choices. However, we want to recommend you a capable supplier of BMS solutions, DFUN, that provides quality-oriented and service-prioritized ideology with comprehensive hardware and software solutions globally.

DFUN, a professional in battery monitoring systems, is always dedicated to providing customers with the best services and products. For instance, the PBMS6000 solution, suitable in the big data center, is designed to monitor multiple sites of batteries in centralization.

Except that, DFUN can customize solutions with all unique design according to the industries needs. For example, some solutions with build-in web server for small UPS room which helps small data center room save cost; some solutions are with IP65 waterproof for the chemical industry which has special application environment; and some solutions can be made that no need to draw power from batteries. All in all, you can find your customized battery monitoring solution with DFUN.


After carefully analyzing the above, you must build an explicit understanding of the smart BMS. Among the whole market, DFUN technology incorporates several elements from design and production to sales and marketing to different products and systems for worldwide use. Each year manage 2,000,000pcs batteries globally, and this number is increasing every year. They are full of on-site installation experience, and customers speak highly of their after-sales service team. Thus, if you are enthusiastic about their products, please immediately contact them. The whole team from DFUN is ready to assist you.

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