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The Best Battery Monitors for Data Center

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The data center is a critical component of any business in today's data-driven world. There has been a significant increase in data storage and management needs during the past decade, leading to an increase in data centers' scope, scale, and complexity. Under this situation, remote monitoring solutions, especially the best battery monitors  enable businesses, data center owners, and service providers to automate all aspects of data center management.

Remote battery monitoring increases operational efficiency, reduces costs, and improves uptime. And because they offer automation capabilities, they allow companies to monitor critical systems and receive alerts about potential problems and any issues that need to be addressed immediately, thus helping ensure that everything is running smoothly. So, you need battery monitors to keep track of everything. This article will discuss some of the best battery monitors for data centers currently available. Read on and find more information.

What Is the Best Battery Monitor for the Data Center?

As it's known, the battery plays an extremely important role in the backup power system of a data center. Thus if the backup batteries fail, the economic loss will be unimaginable. However, a data center may use several kilowatts of energy at any given moment, and if there is a power outage, this load will be distributed among several batteries. In addition to supporting the load placed on them, these batteries must also be able to handle additional loads for a limited period until the main power source can be restored.

So how can we monitor hundreds or thousands of batteries in the big data center? Here comes the battery monitor. A battery monitor can be a valuable tool that allows data center managers to assess the overall health of their data center UPS batteries and will alert them if there is a problem. However, choosing the right monitoring solution for each application is significant.

How Does the Best Battery Monitor Help a Data Center?

With a high-quality advanced battery monitoring solution in place, operators can achieve the following benefits:

1. Active Monitoring to Improve Security and Efficiency

In a traditional way, engineers need to manually test the battery one by one and write down the battery data for analysis. It takes a long time and causes wrong data inevitably. Early detection of battery failure from the best battery monitor is active. You do not need to manually record readings and compare them with previous readings, especially when using an offline testing system for the data center. It can improve security and efficiency in your data center by tracking active monitoring at all times.

2. Real-Time Data Monitoring to Reduce Risk

Real-time monitoring can avoid the losses caused by power outages or low voltage alarms. You can set the alarm value in the battery monitoring system, then the battery voltage, internal temperature, and impedance exceed the limit value. It will send out an alarm to the maintenance person and take immediate action if needed.

3. Easy Access for Quick Inspection and Maintenance

With the help of the best battery monitors, all the battery cell sensors are connected one by one with Modbus-RTU communication and then upload data to the system via MODBUS-TCP/SNMP/4G(wireless) to the battery monitoring system and display all the data on the system. Maintenance and checking the battery health status via a system or mobile APP at any time, everywhere, is very convenient.

4. Check the Historical Data and Data Curve to Analysis the Battery Health Trend

It monitors the real-time data and stores historical data of each cell in your battery string. So maintenance not only judges the battery health from the real-time data/alarm but also can predict the problem battery from the historical data curve.

5. Timely Alarm

When an abnormal situation occurs in the battery, the system will send out a timely alarm to maintenance. The best battery monitors sensor can collect the battery health data for the system. When the data is too high, the system will send an Email/SMS alarm to the contact person. Meanwhile, the cell sensor will occur with red light to help maintenance quickly locate the problem battery in the battery room.

The Best Battery Monitors from DFUN

DFUN is a market-leading brand manufacturing exceptional quality battery monitors to check lead-acid/Ni-cd/Lithium battery health. They can provide different solutions according to different applications and site needs. We will introduce the software for the data center as below.

• PBAT-Gate

PBAT-Gate battery monitor system  is designed for small-scale data centers. Some key features of this battery monitor are:

• Build-in webpage software, real-time monitoring of all the battery data information, without connecting to third-party software, easy operation, and convenience for engineers.

• Suit for small data center battery room ≦480pcs.

• Monitor 2V, 4V, 6V, 12V lead-acid batteries

• Auto-balancing function.

• Sent out Email/SMS alarm.

• PBMS9000+DFCS4100 

PBMS9000 + DFCS4100 solution is suitable for large-scale data centers. Some key features of this solution are as below:

• Max. 6 strings per UPS;

• DFCS4100 can max monitoring 50,000+ batteries from cloud monitoring software and multiple sites centralized monitoring;

• Monitor 2V, 4V, 6V, 12V lead-acid , or 1.2V Ni-cd batteries;

• Auto-balancing function;

• Sent out Email/SMS alarm.

For those who own large-scale data centers, DFUN has manufactured PBMS9000, which offers real-time monitoring to reduce your worries regarding battery health. For maximum efficiency, it has flexible application and operates on two different voltages, including separated string voltage and ripple voltage. In addition, you can get quick alarms to target any issue with an auto sensor. So how do you choose them for different data centers?

Choosing a battery monitor is not easy. You may think all battery monitors are the same, but that's not the case. The best battery monitor for one data center may not be the best for another data center. Here are some key considerations:

1. Purchase from reputable manufacturers who have been in business with long team industry experience.

2. Make sure the battery monitor can handle your application.

3. Understand what it takes to service and repair the battery monitor.

4. Ask about testing and quality assurance.

5. Make sure the brand offers spare parts so you can replace them without any issue.

Why Choose DFUN?

The best battery monitors in a data center must provide the highest availability, accurate battery temperature, voltage monitoring, and long service life. An excellent choice of battery monitors is those from DFUN. As one of the most trusted battery management system manufacturers , DFUN always offers high-quality products with state-of-the-art design, superior quality raw materials, special cables, an integrated laboratory for R&D purposes, and advanced assembly techniques. All assemblies are done manually, ensuring the highest level of quality possible. In addition, they have a battery monitoring system, backup power management system, and energy storage systems.


If you are looking for an excellent choice of battery monitor which will do an outstanding job at monitoring your batteries in your data center. In that case, DFUN is one of the top brands you should consider. Each year, they run and manage 200,000pcs battery all over the world. With customized service, they can also provide you with unique products & services to your needs.

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