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Top Application of Smart Battery Monitoring System in Substation

Author: DFUN TECH     Publish Time: 2023-02-02      Origin: Site


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A battery monitoring system is crucial for any industry that relies on batteries for backup power, such as substations. As the power supply for DC equipment of the substation, batteries are directly related to the normal operation of the substation and the safety of the power supply. However, in practice, batteries are prone to various problems that, if not detected and maintained in time, can negatively impact the safety of the electricity supply. Using the battery management system, people can monitor the battery status to extend their life in the substation and ensure a safe and stable power supply.

Introducing a simplified BMS battery monitoring system to your substations creates an easy to access, real-time data feed for your maintenance team and system admins so they can prevent or avoid potential downtime for your niche industry.

The Accidents Caused by a Battery

Like most other objects in life, batteries have runtime issues due to many factors. There could be anything from poor construction during production or environmental factors that lead to all kinds of dangerous outcomes. Having an advanced battery monitoring system can help prevent:

1. Corrosion of battery poles due to overcharging. It can result in blue or greenish-white material gathering around the point of positive charge and can lead to the battery no longer performing its proper function.

2. Burning of terminal materials or outright battery explosion due to excessive current can occur if exposed to static electricity. It is also true if sparks from welding or flames touch the battery while charging. Even slight overcharging reduces a cell's discharge capacity and leads to potential heat generation.

3. Battery bulge is the result of energy density and heat. Too much current begins to course through the battery, which causes a buildup of heat and gas and expands the battery enclosure until it bulges.

4. Battery leakage is extremely common when they have been left for too long without checking the connections, terminals, expiration date.

The Main System Structure of Battery Monitoring System

The battery equipment in a substation can fail for a variety of reasons. At the same time, substation power systems are so widely distributed and have so many batteries that manual monitoring is not optimal. So how is the battery monitoring system monitored, and what are its components? It includes:

Management Platform - you can view the capacities charge and specific battery information that alerts in the case of issues or potential risk.

Communication Layer - the system by which you can send and receive information to the battery monitoring system for remote solutions.

Acquisition Layer - the sensor system that detects and sends information related to temperature, charge, mixture, and other critical values to ensure a safe and operable substation.

How Do BMS Battery Management System Help Substations

The primary function of a BMS battery management system is to prevent unwanted damage or downtime of your battery backups. That is handled through:

1. Data Acquisition -where the sensors in the acquisition layer actively record, decipher, and interpret different charging, composition, temperature, and more issues.

2. Status Display - a solid BMS will have an active display of all critical measure points needed for your backup solutions to perform their appointed duties.

3. Remote Monitoring- a critical function of a BMS that ensures workers do not have to "tour" all your substations regularly but can reference information via remote access.

4. History Recording - present relevant information over a previous period that can be used as measurements and comparisons for future performance.

5. Reporting Statistics - these measurements can then be presented in clear data reports that offer solutions and data-driven decision-making.

6. Warming Mode - allows you to prepare your backups via the advanced battery monitoring system in the anticipated case it needs to be engaged instead of charging from an unconscious state.

The DFUN PBMS9000Pro for Substation Solutions

While you are in the market for an excellent solution to your battery backup needs via your substations, consider the professional solution from DFUN. With the PBMS9000Pro, you get:

Auto-balancing for system flexibility in charging issues or temperature needs.

Battery protection by actively monitoring critical factors that alert your team to any changes remotely.

Convenient construction debugging keeps the battery monitoring system working at complete optimization and prevents service degradation.

Multiple battery measurements using bespoke sensors and layered monitoring.

Accurate impedance measurement monitors individual battery voltage internal temperatures on the negative pole and impedes potential joint damage issues.

There are multiple alarm modes via call, SMS, email, multimedia, sounds, and more.

How Smart DFUN BMS Helps in Substations

The goal of any proper battery monitoring system is to provide your team with the bespoke features and functions needed to keep your devices and industry-specific systems fully operational.

Having a quick reference visual management via printed, cloud-based, and connected devices allow your team all the access they could want no matter where you may be. That means a team at a nearby worksite can be alerted at the same time a manager or CEO is taking a meeting across the globe.

This fault risk prevention ensures your batteries do not fail when faced with critical needs and lowers your operating costs by giving you the capability of actively monitoring instead of having to send workers to and from different substations routinely.

The final effect is improved business operations and increased environmental benefits of fewer battery faults and significant potential damage. An active battery monitoring system could prevent major incidents like fires.

Get Your Battery Monitoring System from DFUN

When you start your hunt for a new battery monitoring system from a trusted BMS manufacturer, start with the experts at DFUN. Since 2013 DFUN has provided professional-grade solutions for several critical industries, including municipal utility and energy businesses needing power and environmental monitoring.

DFUN is a recognized industry-leading BMS manufacturer with integrated designs, R&D, and excellent service professionals ready to meet your needs' unique demands and challenges. Give them a call today or visit DFUN's website to learn how they can solve your battery monitoring system issues.

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