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3 Things of Battery Monitoring Systems in the Telecommunication Field

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As we all know, there may have hundreds or thousands of BTS towers in one city, which are running several communication devices, supporting efficient and stable communication for the whole city. These Telecom BTS Towers are separated into different areas. Some of them are built on the top of the mountain, and some of them are land on the mostly empty field or in Densely populated towns.

In order to make sure all the communication devices are running stably, each BTS tower will set up a backup power system to deal with unexpected shun-down situations.

How to make sure the backup power systems are operating safely and stable, especially when the BTS tower is far away and separately in different areas? A remote battery monitoring system for a large number of cell sites has always been a significant challenge for the Telecom industry.

Established in April 2013, DFUN (ZHUHAI) CO., LTD. is a national high-tech enterprise, which focuses on Battery Monitoring System, Lithium Smart Battery, Energy Storage solution. DFUN has 5 branches in domestic market and agents in more than 50 countries, who provide total solutions for both hardware & software services to customers all over the world. Our products have been widely used in Industrial and commercial energy storage system, Data Center, Telecoms, Metro, substations, petrochemical industry, etc. Key customers including Eaton, Statron, APC, Delta, Riello, MTN, NTT, Viettel, Turkcell, True IDC, Telkom Indonesia and so on.  As an international company, DFUN has a professional technical support team that can provide 24 hours online service to customers.

1.Why Is It Necessary to Use a Suitable Monitoring System for Telecom?

For Telecom Operations

Reduce Labor and Maintenance Costs

The monitoring system can monitor your batteries automatically, measure each battery’s voltage, internal temperature, impedance, SOC, measure string current, string voltage, etc., and send data through MODBUS TCP or 4G to the system. It will send out an alarm to you when there is an abnormal situation with the batteries. So the BTS Tower maintenance does not need to visit the site remotely, just checking the data on the system, then he/she can know each site battery status.

Ensure Telecom Station Safety

As you know, improper use of lead-acid batteries will sometimes cause fire or explosion accidents. The monitoring system can prevent these accidents because it can detect abnormal situations with your batteries, such as overcharge/discharge or over-temperature situations, and so on. The most important part of a battery monitoring system is that when there is an error, an alarm will be sent out to maintenance so that they can solve the problem quickly.

Reduce Battery Replacement and Protect the Environment

These systems can intuitively monitor each cell’s health data; maintenance can judge battery health through data curves and local the problem battery. So that they only need to replace the individual problem battery instead of the whole string battery. This will reduce the cost of maintaining and environmental pollution.

Remote Monitoring the Battery Status and Locating the Problem Battery

The entire premise of remote monitoring is that you can watch your network from anywhere in the world. The system can monitor distributed station’s data through MODBUS-TCP or 4G to upload data to the centralized system. When the battery data exceed the setting alarm data, the system will tell maintenance which station which battery has a problem.

Send Out an Alarm to the Maintenance

Without a remote monitoring system, maintenance needs to check every BTS tower battery once in a while. This is a very huge and headache job. Because they are distributed all over the city, and it is just like fishing for a needle in the ocean aimlessly. The battery monitoring system comes with an SMS alarm or email alarm which helps maintenance to locate the problem battery by visiting the corresponding BTS tower.

2.How Does Battery Monitoring Systems Work?

A battery monitoring system (BMS) is a real-time remote battery health monitoring system. Unlike traditional battery monitor systems, DFUN’s battery monitoring system can monitor individual battery voltage, internal temperature, impedance, SOC, and SOH. So when the battery bank has a problem, the engineer can quickly find out the problem battery itself. The system installation is very easy. In order to get individual battery data, battery voltage monitoring systems require installing a battery sensor on each battery. Then those battery sensors are connected one by one. Then engineer can turn on the auto-searching battery ID address function, and the system automatically matches each battery with each battery sensor. So the system will gather each BTS station’s data and can check the corresponding data for each battery. By setting the data alarm threshold, the system will send out real-time alarms by Email and SMS to the maintenance.

3.DFUN Battery Monitoring Systems for Telecom

For the Telecommunication battery monitoring solution, DFUN provides PBM2000 and PBAT-Gate for each BTS station and provide DFCS4100 as a centralized monitoring system for several separated station.


PBMS2000 solution is mainly used in a 48V power supply system as a highly cost-effective solution. It can monitor a maximum of 2 battery strings with 120pcs lead-acid batteries. With an Ethernet port, it can upload data to the system with MODBUS-TCP or SNMP.


PBAT-Gate Solution supports monitoring 4 battery strings and 480pcs lead-acid batteries in total. With a built-in server, it has a small web-based system that can help to check all the battery status on the web page, making it an easy and convenient operation for engineers intuitively. It also supports 4G wireless communication. So it is normally used for some old BTS station that doesn’t have an Ethernet port.


Remote battery monitoring for a huge number of distributed BTS stations is a big task for telecommunications. DFUN’s battery monitoring system has been installed and approved for the Telecommunication industry for more than 8 years. The solution has been used in most of the big Telecommunication companies, and for some special sites, they can also provide customized solutions. So let them take care of monitoring your telecom batteries while you focus on doing what you do best, keeping your customers happy!

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