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Why Battery Monitoring System

Author: DFUN TECH     Publish Time: 2023-02-02      Origin: Site


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DFUN's Battery Monitoring Helps you Extend Battery Life, Maintain Uptime and Maximize Return on Investment.

 Save money & avoid business losses

7*24h monitoring to analyze and predict battery accidents that may happen.
Accurate data report and real-time alarm(Via LED indicator, system notification and SMS notification), allowing to respond quickly to potential battery accidents.
Reduce cost on human check and maintenance.

 Save time

Remotely monitor battery data and find out the exact faults of specific individual batteries.

 Prolong battery life

Equalize voltage of whole battery string to optimize battery status and prolong battery life

 Accurate SOC & SOH calculation

To know exactly when to replace batteries.

 Guarantee human safety

Reduce the frequency of physical contact with the battery.

 Monitor ambient temperature & humidity

Over-limit of ambient temperature & humidity does harm to batter
performance and capacity.

How does it work?

Cell sensor

Measure cell voltage, internal impedance and cell temperature from negative pole.

Each cell sensor communicates with each other through DL-BUS protocol. Data is uploaded to PBAT600 via RJ11 cable.

String Sensor

Measure string voltage, charge & discharge current via Hall sensor.

Send order to cell sensor to calculate SOC & SOH.

Equalize voltage of whole string.


Store and analyze data it collects.

With built-in web server, all data can be displayed on web page system.

Report for battery, such as string voltage & current, cell voltage, cell temperature, cell impedance.

Pinpointing alarm for battery problems/issues.

SMS alarm.

Available for Modbus-TCP/IP and SNMP communication protocol.

Measure ambient temperature & humidity.

What we measure?

DFUN battery monitoring system provide 24/7/365 monitoring of key parameters of both battery cell and battery string. Users can set thresholds for each parameter and alarm can be triggered once values of those key parameters reach the limit of thresholds. Then users take quick responds to the alarms and prevent catastrophic battery accidents and avoid costly business loss caused by battery failure.

Internal impedance of battery cell

Internal impedance increases gradually as the service time goes. Internal impedance affects lifespan of battery in alarge extent. The lower the resistance, the less restriction the battery encounters in delivering the needed powerspikes. We can accurately determine end-of-life by trending of battery impedance
High impedance readings could be the alarm for issues such as faulty connection and open circuit.

Battery cell voltage

Charging battery in correct voltage is critical to battery performance and battery life. Incorrect charging voltage may do great harm to battery capacity and reduce battery lifespan. Besides, it may also lead to excessive gas & bump and corrosion. Measuring cell voltage also helps to identify catastrophic battery failures, such as short circuit battery.

Internal temperature of battery cell

Charge and discharge currents increase the temperature of batteries and temperature directly affects the lifespan and storage capacity of batteries. Overheating may result in excessive gas and even explosion. DFUN Battery Monitoring System measures internal temperature from the negative pole, which is much closer to the actual temperature inside of the battery.

SOC (State of Charge)

The SOC is defined as the available capacity expressed as a percentage. Knowing Battery State of Charge is like knowing the amount of fuel in your fuel tank. SOC is an indication of how much longer a battery will continue to perform before it needs recharging.

SOH (State of Health)

The purpose to measure SOH (State of Health) is to provide an indication of the performance which can be expected from the battery in its current condition or to provide an indication of the how much of the useful lifetime of the battery has been consumed and how much remains before it must be replaced. In critical applications such as standby and emergency power plant the SOC gives an indication of whether a battery will be able to support the load when called upon to do so. Knowledge of the SOH will also help the plant engineer to anticipate problems to make fault diagnosis or to plan replacement. This is essentially a monitoring function tracking the long term changes in the battery.

String Charge & Discharge Current

Measuring string current helps to know the energy delivered and received by each battery string. Incorrect battery charging and leakage faults can be detected by measuring string current.

String Voltage

Measuring string voltage can help to identify if batteries are charged at correct voltage

String Ripple Current & Ripple Voltage

Ripple current & voltage are caused by incomplete suppression of the alternating waveform within the power supply. DFUN battery monitoring system can measure excessive ripple current & ripple voltage.

Voltage Balancing/Equalization

Over charge & under charge can do great harm to battery capacity. Capacity of a whole battery string depends on the battery cell with lowest capacity. Therefore, keeping voltage of all batteries balanced/equalized in each string is very critical.

Ambient Temperature & Humidity

The best ambient temperature range for lead acid battery is 20℃ to 25℃. An 8-10 degree temperature increase can decrease battery life by 50%. High ambient humidity may result in accelerated corrosion while low ambient humidity may lead to static electricity and fire accidents.

Whatever the size and scale of your operations – from a single battery string to multiple system sites around the world – DFUN has a battery monitoring solution to suit your needs.





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