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Why battery monitoring system is extremely important

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1. Project Background

The lead acid battery is the core component of the UPS in the server room, but it is also the main source of UPS failure. According to statistics, more than 50% of UPS failures are caused by battery failure. How to effectively real-time online monitoring and accurately grasp the status of the battery has become particularly important.

2. Traditional Maintenance

2.1. The contradiction between excessive maintenance work and shortage of staff.

2. With the huge battery maintenance workload in the large server room, it is difficult to complete the routine maintenance work alone.

2.2. The contradiction between phased maintenance and immediate failure.

Traditional maintenance cannot confirm the battery performance status and emergency power supply duration when the mains electricity is interrupted.

2.3. Difference performance aggravate battery deterioration

Improper or lack of maintenance, the voltage imbalance in the online floating charge, as well as under the long-term floating charge, will further aggravate the battery degradation and greatly reduce the battery lifespan.

3. Solution

System Structure

4. Feature

4.1 Distributed online monitoring

PBMS6000 PRO adopts a "one sensor for one battery" distributed structure, 24 hours online real-time monitoring, timely and accurate detection of disabled cells, early warning and elimination of safety hazards.

4.2. Powered by communication bus

The battery monitoring module adopts the host bus power supply, no consuming battery power, and can effectively maintain the voltage balance of the running battery.

4.3. Auto-Sensing for the battery sensor's ID address

The battery monitoring master can automatically search for each battery cell sensor, and automatically configure the communication address without excessive manual settings, which effectively reduces the engineering workload and configuration errors.

4.4. Leakage monitoring

Installed on the +/- pole, when the battery leakage happens, it will quickly and automatically orient the battery leakage fault point.

4.5. Liquid level monitoring

It can monitor the liquid level status of the battery. When the battery electrolyte is lower than the normal range, the master can send out an early warning if the liquid level is too low.

4.6. Online balancing

Due to the uneven battery impedance, the voltage of each cell sensor in the online float charge is unbalanced. Equipped with the corresponding battery cell sensor, it can perform online pulse-type supplementary power for the monomer battery with low float charge voltage, and for the cell battery with high float charge voltage.

5. Application benefits

The PBMS6000 PRO battery online monitoring device is based on power by communication bus distributed system, which not only makes up for the shortcomings of traditional battery maintenance and testing, but also saves a lot of maintenance time, manpower, material resources and costs. At the same time, it can detect and identify failure batteries in time, and early warning to avoid accidents.

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